ALBUM: Tom Caruana – Strange Planet [Zip File]

Tom Caruana – Strange Planet Download Album Zip

Tom Caruana – Strange Planet Download Album Zip

This work of art “Tom Caruana – Strange Planet ” you’re about to download and listen to is a track named “Strange Planet” made by the one and only “Tom Caruana ”… It is a very mad jam that was well written and I know once you hear it you’ll have the same opinion.

You can easily tell that the producer and sound engineer did their jobs right cause the instrumental hit hard and the final mix was fire.


  • Released On: 2022
  • Originator: Tom Caruana
  • Song Title:  Strange Planet
  • wordsmith: Röcky
  • Last Edited: 1 Minutes Ago

The artist was quite elated to announce the release of this track “Strange Planet” to all the listeners on Instagram and other social media platforms a few days ago… You can stream it on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and others.


[00:46] 01. Opening Credits
[02:25] 02. Stranded feat. King Kashmere
[02:27] 03. Critical Status feat. Mr. Lif
[02:48] 04. Sandbag Veteran feat. Willie Evans Jr.
[02:05] 05. Pig Meat feat. Paten Locke
[02:09] 06. Ole feat. Denmark Vessey
[02:41] 07. Planets Realigned feat. Jehst
[02:33] 08. The Beginning feat. Joker Starr & Skriblah DanGogh
[03:24] 09. 3000 Volt Scarf feat. Lee Scott
[03:38] 10. Saltfish feat. Billy Woods & Denmark Vessey
[01:54] 11. Run Run feat. Magestik Legend
[01:37] 12. Intergalactic Observation
[04:01] 13. David Copperfield feat. VVV
[02:20] 14. Here’s A Sandwich feat. Prince Po
[04:02] 15. Never Be Kings feat. Confucius MC
[01:56] 16. Hostile feat. Boog Brown & Magestik Legend
[02:15] 17. Lost My Way feat. Maddy
[03:18] 18. Where Were You? feat. Denmark Vessey
[02:45] 19. Straw Dogs feat. Rup
[02:45] 20. Allen Stranger feat. HPBLK
[03:05] 21. Bounty Hunter On The Rise feat. Kosyne
[03:51] 22. iKnow feat. Skuff & Scorzayzee
[03:58] 23. Chains feat. Dillon

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